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We have the privilege of partnering with the industry's best retailers and brand marketers at Phelps Pet Products. Together, we create and deliver the most innovative and tastiest pet treats on the market.  While the term "partner" often is overused in business today, we truly add value by sharing our expertise and capabilities to help our retail and brand partners exceed the expectations of their customers.

Our team provides one-stop-shop contract manufacturing services to a wide variety of retailers, brand marketers, and distributors with customized dog treat products. We work collaboratively to develop recipes that meet your needs, including developing recipes and products that achieve the optimal price/value equation. 

Retailer Private Label & Proprietary Brands

We work with some of the most well-known, well-respected, and innovative retailers throughout North America. Whether supplying a specific item or the entire SKU assortment, we partner with category managers to create and deliver a product line architecture specifically suited to each retailer's customer preferences.

Brand Marketers

Our expertise also has proven to be invaluable to several leading pet industry brands, as they look to us to provide products that complement their existing portfolios or capabilities. You will find our products merchandised within nearly every retail customer planogram and distribution channel.

Select Branded Products

We also serve the needs of select wholesalers and retailers with Phelps-branded products that meet their specific Pet Treat Category business opportunities. 

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