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Phelps Pet Products New CEO Rick Ruffolo to Showcase Multi-Million Dollar Investment by Granite Bridge Partners LLC in Natural, Organic, & Functional Pet Treats

ROCKFORD, IL, March 13, 2019 / Phelps Pet Products is excited to share its new pet treat contract manufacturing capabilities at the upcoming Global Pet Expo. A pet industry leader for over 50 years, Phelps Pet Products will showcase the innovative products and expanded capacity resulting from a multi-million dollar investment by New York-based private equity firm Granite Bridge Partners LLC.

“Granite Bridge Partners has demonstrated their belief and commitment to the pet industry through investments in bringing new innovation and capabilities to the Phelps Pet Products pet treat business,” said Rick Ruffolo, CEO and President of Phelps Pet Products. “These strategic investments in people, processes, and equipment enable us to offer our customers more production capacity, more packaging options, and more innovative choices including USDA Organic Certified pet treats, Marine Certified ingredients, functional ingredients, and the industry’s most extensive assortment of ‘Made in the USA’ meat-first pet treats.” 

“We believe that the unique offerings from Phelps Pet Products will enable its customers to feature the highest quality, most innovative meat treats on the market,” stated Ryan Wierck, Partner at Granite Bridge Partners. “Beyond investing in additional equipment and technology, we have built a customer-focused leadership team that is second-to-none. Rick’s arrival in October completed our leadership transition. Rick is a well-regarded and highly experienced CEO whose collaborative style, strategic leadership, expertise in innovation, and extensive CPG and cross-channel consumer retail marketing experience will enable us to help our customers capture incremental market share and expand category growth.”

Ruffolo commented, “We look forward to ‘re-introducing’ the Phelps Pet Products business to both our current and prospective customers during the Global Pet Expo. We are excited to share our new capabilities designed to help our customers innovate and grow their business.”

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