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Phelps Wellness Collection

Phelps Pet Products - the ‘behind-the-scenes’ U.S. producer of many popular branded and private label dog treats over the last 50 years - is excited to announce the launch of the Phelps Wellness Collection!

Dogs today are living twice as long as ever, and over 70% of pet parents currently look for products to provide a healthier lifestyle for their pets. The new Phelps Wellness Collection are great-tasting meat jerky recipes featuring proven “functional” ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin for hip and joint issues, pre & pro-biotics to aid with good digestive health, and DHA and gingko biloba to help support brain health. The brand also has a sense of humor with packaging that offers engaging product names including “Hip, Hip, Hooray!”, “Fur Real?!”, “Gut Check”, and our favorite…”Squirrel!”

You can purchase the Phelps Wellness Collection at many Walgreens stores and also online at several e-retailers including,,, and



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